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As April draws to a close, take some time to ponder what the theme for April has been for you.
For me it has been a journey into creativity which I have found to be incredibly healing and a great confidence booster.
And as I pirouhetted into my birthday turning 44, I look back with loving eyes at my life, and all who have shared parts of my journey and feel the love and significance of each and every relationship I have encountered.

I think creativity has been a common theme for alot of people. I have heard a whisper of a new chakra being discovered…its the chakra of JOY!

cogs turning..wheels spinning…. I am still feeling the  need to be really quiet and still, and be in holy communion with my spirit at the moment..so quite introverted. That has been true of this whole month.

And to look back to the beginning Welcome to April it all makes sense!

Thank You April…for perspective

*lights a candle*