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Ahh dear April, my most treasured month, my birthday month I adore April.

The collective reading for April is to fully engage in your sacred heart space, not the blood pumping heart space…not the emotional heart space..but the deeper felt heart space that brings you all together into a most beautiful form of peace and wisdom.

A month to connect with your feminine goddess energy whether male or female, we all carry this feminine wisdom within us. it is the voice that whispers our direction, our true path.

Knowledge and Wisdom are most important these days, but as a society we tend to focus on the knowledge, we fill ourselves up with so much knowledge, we are in fact encouraged to do so and it starts the instant we walk through the school gates as children, even earlier than that, it starts with learning our name.

But wisdom…ahhh wisdom is a different matter entirely!

Knowledge is knowing how to wash the car, wisdom is DOING it!!!

Another analogy (I have always loved analogies) Lately I have been learning how to zentangle. Knowledge is learning all the different tangle patterns,  wisdom is doing them..and even a step further, composing them into work of art that I am pleased with.

Wisdom is engaging, and doing, with your heart connected, wisdom cannot flow if your heart is not engaged.

So this month is all about heart and wisdom, listening to your heart and following the path it wishes to take, with reverence and spirit!

Happy April, my wordpressians!!!!