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You know life is just like a garden.

It is most important to get in get your hands dirty and tidy things up regularly, otherwise you’ll end up with things growing that you never even knew you had.

How’s your energy feeling..need a tidy up of old stuff growing back there..weed it out today, it’s the last day of March, time to prune up the old stuff, don’t rip it out if you’re not quite ready, than can cause more damage in some cases, disease can set in where you’ve been too ruthless perhaps, just gently trim back the dead wood, easy does it.

Clear some space for new things to grow, you’ll need the space, feed it, water it.

And most important lavish in a wonderful helping of unconditional love, and for goodness sake, be gentle, tread softly on the earth, your life

Blessed Be

Here’s a pic of a small part of my garden

Sam & Blue 052 (2)Sam & Blue 051 (2)