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I couldn’t shake this vision that was forming in my head!

Did you know that Wizards live backwards in time!
They live from the future then work their way back to this point.
I think that’s pretty clever and to me it makes sense.
But first, to do that you have to really know where you want to live from in the future. 

So how you do it is this…you project yourself forward in time and visualize how you really want your life to be..connect with the energy of that vision but especially connect with how it FEELS!!!! 

Once you’ve got a good handle on how it feels allow your body/mind/spirit to get very very familiar with this feeling, and then know that it is this very feeling that creates your vision..which then manifests in reality, in your future. 

So any obstacles that are on your path right NOW in this moment..they don’t count or you can make them just disappear so they don’t actually exist because your vision/feeling holds the final outcome the finished picture, so also always creates the perfect answers to any hiccups or obstacles that crop up along the way. You are the solution!!!! 

We are like Wizards, but we are still sleeping and do not realize our fullest potential, so know that our fullest potential resides deep within us, and acknowledging that sacred truth has the power to project us anywhere we want to be, its that simple!

KaZaM 😉