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These are the words I read this morning from Barry Brailsford’s book ~Song of the Old Tides~ This found in my journal from 2008

I often open this book as a journey into my daily meditations, and so this was todays message.

After receiving this I went for a walk along Brighton Beach..a beautiful sunny day here, and the beach is my sacred space where I re-connect!~

I picked up a stone upon the sand, and went to find a place to sit and meditate with the stone.

At first I felt myself slowly journeying into the heart of the stone.. I felt its warmth seep into my bones and warm me. It was then I felt myself morph into a Tuatara, and I sat still and reverently upon the stone, and felt the warmth become me.
I was blind, but I did not need the eyes to see, I had a sense of oneness with all that surrounded me, the waves crashing on the beach, the breeze moving gently through the grasses, the birds over head singing to the sun, the elements of the Earth becoming one with me, no separation.
I slowly and deliberately moved from my stone and sunk my belly deep into the sand, and felt my heartbeat on the Earth, beating strong and beating in time with the cycles of Earth, and I began to tone, a sound, a call, a slow and steady tone to join with stone.