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The Theme for March 

You may be feeling tempted to take a step back into an old relationship or perhaps an old pastime that you enjoyed. You really need to STOP and question your motives here. Work on really building up your self esteem, as taking this step back is a sure signal that your energy needs some work and rebuilding. Now is not the time to doubt your abilities. You are so much stronger than you think. Align with the wisdom of your spirit and let self doubt wash away.

You will be facing a choice this month, and you really want to know which is the best choice! Carry on as you are, or perhaps jump, and take a risk! Risks offer change and a lot of excitement, a leap into the unknown though. But not taking a risk, well that means you continue as you have been, look at how that’s been working for you. Does your energy feel stagnant? Trust your gut, listen to your heart you’ll know the right choice, and really, there is no right or wrong in this instant, so trust your feelings.

Your biggest fears this month…ironically is trusting your gut, you just may not feel ready to make that leap into change. And your gut may be right. But remember to fully engage your heart in the decision so there is a balance. And check off whether this feeling of unease at things *not feeling right* could actually be a bit f self sabotage going on. We are so good at sabotaging our success, so fearful are we of failing! The best way of finding whether your gut is true in this situation is to take a look back into your past and see if there is a pattern of sabotage in your life. For example things maybe going really well and a wonderful opportunity comes up for you, but it doesn’t *Feel* right so you don’t grab it. Then a week or two down the track you are kicking yourself wishing you had. Is this a familiar pattern? If it is Break Through, take the leap!

There is most definately opportunities arising for you, a wonderul opportunity, run with it, try not be the saboteur. There will be a deep sense of enjoyment and success if you can. It is a time for you to reap the benefits of some very hard work, and things will pick up pace faster than you had expected. At first you may feel a sense of panic that you took the leap…breathe you will be fine, then you may things are not happening as fast as you would like, and at first there may even be delays, and you might feel like kicking yourself for being so risky and stupid! STOP! Breathe, keep breathing thats right, nice big deep belly breathes, thats it, hold my hand, look into my eyes, keep breathing..see its alright, you are fine, you are strong, see, feel your spirit anchor back in to your body, the fears are washing out through your feet, ahhhh yes! See you made the right decision, well done, be proud, you are truly amazing, you are a co creator, manifesting your purpose one beautiful amazing keep you on your toes decision at a time!!!

Your future is looking bright…can you feel it?

Better get your shades on honey 😉

Yay March…BRING IT ON!!!!!!