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Lets look at the collective energy for the month that has past and see what we’ve learned

How We Felt:February has been a rather reclusive month, we have needed plenty of time to recuperate after an emotionally charged time. This has been very difficult at times to learn how to carve out that solitary time. I know that once I did that, stress lifted and I was much better able to flow with what was happening, because I allowed myself that space to process and rest.

What we wanted most: It seems we wanted most to surrender, and let go of things that were no longer nourishing to us, I feel this caused alot of stress because it took us sometime to figure this out, we just sat and marinated in the energy for a time and wallowing in the muck.

Our Fears: HA Completion, and actually succeeding. Doesn’t that make sense considering the last card. Our biggest fears were completing projects and doing really well, perhaps we lost our feeling of faith that things were not going to go as we planned. So what we wanted most actually created the biggest fears for us.

What was going on: A month that was jam packed with potentials, I hope you managed to run with this, otherwise opportunities have been lost…for now.

Our biggest issue: Not trusting our intuition. We have been gifted with an incredible barometer..our intuition, sometimes it whispers, sometimes it screams. But thing is we all hear it…but we must learn to ACTION it. It is like having King Arthur and Guinivere within us.

King Arthur our masculine actioning energy, Guinivere our feminine intuitive energy. It really is important to learn how to have them working in harmony, otherwise King Arthur gallops off into battle half cocked without first hearing Guinivere out. Or alternatively, Guinivere becomes like an old fish wife yelling and nagging at King Arthur, so he becomes so resentful he does nothing.

The main lesson we learned: To ask for help and guidance, to learn to listen to advice…BUT run it through your own personal filter first before taking all advice on board, trusting your gut better, following through with strong action, and learn when to pull back and have time out to process and rest!

March…Bring It On!!!