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Nessa Ollivander lives in the quiet, dull town of Thistledeau.

She is 19 years old and is currently employed by Brushsoot & Co

She cleans filthy grimey chimney pots that belch dirt and muck into the even filthier dirty sky. She has worked for Brushsoot & Co since she was 14 years old, her lungs are now weak as a result and she always has an irritating cough that has never cleared, even with the bottles of disgusting flavoured cough syrup that Rosalind Buckingham sells in her apothecary store.

Nessa lives at number 27 High Anchor Avenue with her mother Estell, her two twin brothers Loy and Asnel and her baby sister Rubie.

Her father Lewis was never spoken about anymore, because it was too much pain for her dear mother to bare. You see her father died in a mining accident when Nessa was only 13. She missed her father so much she was certain her heart had a big gaping black hole in it where he once sat.

Loy and Asnel were 17 they worked at the same mine where their father was killed. But they idolized their father so it was only natural they wanted to follow in his big rugged strong footsteps. Estell worked at the Brightwyn orphanage in the laundry. Washing sheets in large black cauldron pots, her hands were accustomed to the scalding heat and soapy suds, but they showed the ravages of time and how it had been unkind to her.

Rubie was 6 her only interest in the world was her little dog Cotton who followed Rubie everywhere.