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The Round Table Speaks: I am the mirror of the cyclic tides. The spinning earth, the season’s circle, the wheeling stars: all answer to the natural law of life. I see the fulfillment of the tides of time, the incarnational patterns that spiral out from the still point of every soul. I hold the center in every age, welcoming each living soul to the perilous siege of service. – Caitlin Matthews

Today is about dedication to your quest, whatever that may be. Know that things come, things go, and things come round again, always! When in the middle of chaos and confusion we so often forget this comforting truth, the saying “This too shall pass” has helped me through very dark times in my life. And everything does pass..again and again and again. Life is all about cycles. Look at the seasons, look at the life cycle of plants, of animals, of ourselves. Birth Death Rebirth. So our experiences, our emotional journey is cyclic also. But our habit is to cling to the good stuff and want to spit out or deny the bad stuff.

Accept all of it, it will all pass, life is not permanent, nothing is permanent!

And the days you feel you are spinning and whorling out of control..you probably are, so best to get your butt to the center of the wheel, you’ll get back to your own center there, you can begin to hear the beating of your heart and get back in time with the cyclic rhythms of your life, instead of wildly dancing out of step with it tripping yourself and others up along the way. Dedicate yourself to your quest today, calmly, peacefully, in the stillness at the center, you get a better overview there. Can you see it?

Here is a picture of the stone circle I made in my garden you can create a medicine wheel anywhere, a great tool/exercise to do when you need to get focused/centered.

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Love To You all!!!