Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

I most certainly have! A most wonderful inspiring change your life kinda mentor!

Her name was Shelia. 18 years ago *ponders* holy smoke almost to the day! I began doing a Spiritual Growth and Inner Awareness course with Sheila.

The course went for 35 weeks, about 2 hours once a week I practically ran to get to the group, it was my safe haven, my place of comfort and peace. There were 5 others in the group, not all of them stayed, but I definately did. We learnt how to meditate, how to see auras,how to do pyschometry, how to heal others energetically, how to work with crystals, tarot cards!! how to get *untangled emotionally* how to re-connect with our spirit, and how to release the ego (or at least how to become a witness to it and make better choices, not just allow it to react to shit)

I went on to do the next course as well, again 35 weeks advanced course, it was the greatest most profound gift I could have ever given myself. And I met a wonderful woman at the second course and we have remained best friends ever since. We have laughed, cried, birthed, and gone through divorce together, she is my light in the dark and vice versa.

I also went on to do a 3rd year with Sheila’s husband Todd. Todd is a zen master as I see it, his course was all about feeling your spirit and becoming one with nature, alot of his course was done outside in nature. Todd was wonderful, and because I never had good male roles in my life he helped me to  heal alot of hurt and pain I carried.

I will always be eternally grateful for the help and unconditional love I received from these to remarkable human beings, a true blessing knowing them. And funnily enough the center was called Mentor Center, check them out here Touch Your Heart

Oh and the thing I learned..I learned to love myself unconditionally and how to become a better version of myself, and this continues as I grow and evolve, EVERY SINGLE DAY!