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The Grail Hallow Speaks: I am the vessel of holy hope and of fair love. I bring the gladness of the new day and the restoration of nights-in-gathering. Whoever drinks of me gains healing; whoever wields me brings regeneration to the wastelands. Of my abundance there is no lack. I make the barren fertile, and give nourishment to the starving. -Caitlin Matthews

A day of regeneration when all has seemed hopeless and lost. You may have been feeling that your wounds are beyond healing. I know I have been feeling that quite intensely off and on the last few weeks.

Grief and letting go has been the theme for me this year, just when I thought all that was behind me. I know its all an illusion, but still feels real at the time, and important to do the work as we start living in this new paradigm.

I’m beginning to discover that who I thought I was, and what my soul purpose in life is, is no longer a clear and resounding truth for me. This has left the ground beneath my feet shaky and treacherous to walk on. It feels like walking barefoot over cut glass, or walking a line of fire perhaps. I have run over the hot coals and now left depleted, exhausted and very very bewildered.

So I just sit and cry, but crying is good, crying is releasing, crying is healing, and I do gain clarity through the salty wash of my tears as the inner pain bubbles up to be cleared. I find it is leaving me emptier and emptier, Leisa is disappearing like a magic painting and there is an empty canvas in the space where I used to reside.

Exciting times I feel, who wields the paintbrush you may wonder?

There is a good deal of living behind us. Tap into the grails restorative powers and give yourself a dose of loving compassion.

Goddess Knows, we’ve earned it!