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The real thing is not a path. The real thing is the authenticity of the seeker. Let me emphasize this. 

You can travel on any path. If you are sincere and authentic, you will reach the goal. Some paths may be hard, some may be easier, some may have greenery on both sides, some may be moving through deserts, some may have beautiful scenery around them, some may not have any scenery around them, that’s another thing; but if you are sincere and honest and authentic and true, then each path leads to the goal.

So it simply can be reduced to one thing: that authenticity is the path. No matter what path you follow, if you are authentic, every path leads to the goal. And the opposite is also true: no matter what path you follow, if you are not authentic you will not reach anywhere. Your authenticity brings you back home, nothing else. All paths are secondary. The basic thing is to be authentic, to be true.

On days when I feel like shit,
wish I could pretend to be happy and gleeful
I used to be able to fake it
these days I just can’t though
So I authentic-ly stand in my pain
trying to wade my way through another day.
Keep it Real