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I have discovered over the years that it is important to feel all of my emotions as they arise, witness them arising and do not be in too much of a hurry to detach from them.

You may not be able to do this at the time the emotions arise, but at the end of each day do an audit and revisit the emotions that came up through the day that caused a problem for you.

Sink into the emotions, and know that it is like being in a tornado, at some point you reach the eye of the storm, and its here where solutions are birthed.

I have learned to stay with my feelings in order for a solution to start manifesting from the initial emotion that triggered it.

BUT…you also have to learn when its time to come through the tornado and to start moving into normal life again. 

Quite often I have witnessed people staying in the energy of the tornado and just spiraling and looping over the same old shit with no solutions. Sometimes the solution is within the tornado, and sometimes the solution is getting out and then detaching, but witnessing where the solution is is the key.

We resist solutions, and we resist pain, but moving into pain creates solutions.

Love and true nature and spirit is your true nature. Think of it as your wisdom, like your buddha nature, we all have that!

Whether we believe it or not, and just because you may not believe in it does not make it *not exist*