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This card is always a bit tricky to describe without sounding too negative.

It can mean a bout of insomnia a problem circling in your mind that tangles you up in head energy that puts a temporary block on sleeping. Stress is something that is inevitable in our lives, but we always always have a choice about how we choose to deal with it. Perhaps you will be dealing with a person today that rubs you up the wrong way, pisses you off perhaps, or hurts your feelings.

Let it Go

What people say about you is none of your business.

Simply swim in peace, make peace your goal, and please do not misunderstand me, do not ignore situations that cause you upset, but more accept that upset is part of being human, feel it, acknowledge the feeling it brings up, bless it, be grateful for it, it is strengthening your core, but then blow it a kiss and send it on its way, don’t stew in it and climb into the pity pot and drown. No growing ever happens when you drown in a pity pot…sure swim around abit, but don’t forget, there is a ladder to climb out, the ladder is simply choosing to reach for a more positive thought.

Have a wonderful day good people!