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And I’m back!

I went underground since the passing of my step-father, it has been a very emotional week, I have been to hell and back.

But I am feeling more beautiful, more loving, and stronger than I have ever known myself to be.

Family dynamics can be testing, very testing. There has been a battle of light vs dark, and of course because I know that dark is merely an illusion, a trick of energy that seeds in the mind and tangles you up in emotional bondage and trauma. I simply held the light and love and the darkness writhed and squirmed in agony not knowing where to put itself anymore, and it had to go, it was banished.

All that is left is love, and love is my focus, love, love for myself, and love for my family, deep profound love. I hope that one day my family will understand, and feel my love, but my freedom is not dependent on it, it can’t be, for that is not true freedom.

The battle is over, I am free


Thank you all so much for your loving support this past week!

Kia Kaha