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Dying does not end a relationship

Death eases a tired heart

I had known my step-father Bob since I was 12 years old

He loved my mother so completely.

Their journey was not an easy one, but it was a journey that was dripping with love, unconditional love even.

He eased my mothers lonely heart

She brought a stability back into his

They had some amazing rip roaring furniture throwing wall punching fights.

But still they endured

31 beautiful years

They even gave up smoking together…and survived!

Bob was a quiet, gentle, patient soul.

I wouldn’t say we were close, but he was the closest thing to a father I ever knew and for that I am grateful.

He brought a balance to my life

My Step Father Bob

Man yielding

Sage training everyone peacefully

Friendly and tolerant he evenly reassured

Beloved our Bob