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As you know my daughter has come to stay with me, she will be attending this wonderful workshop today that my friend Annette is running. The workshop will be help up in the magical space “The Loft” where I do my readings and where my friend Jackie does her Art Work. Yay for an exciting day.

An opportunity for children and teenagers to create and hold a vision for the kind of world they wish to be part of. Although there is much to despair of in our world today, it is crucial that we focus on all that is beautiful and sustainable, in order to create change. The first Atelier is for the participants to choose the topics they wish to explore and to decide on the format of any future gatherings. We will use a guided meditation to help this process, however, Annette will facilitate, mentor and inspire only as required!

Annette has recently finished her book Dry Your Tears, a beautiful book about her journey through grief after losing her 17 year old son, check the book out here

Right..I’m going to try and get a bit of blog reading done before my baby wakes up 🙂