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I observed the whole thing unfold

she walked up the stairs with a coffee in her hand

her eyes widened when she first took in the site

she was an artist too

I watched her slowly walk around

she was smiling as she took in the beautiful artwork on the wall.

“Are you local?” I asked

“No, I’m from up North”, she replied

We invited her to sit down to finish her coffee

Turns out she is also an artist

Her and Jackie had so much in common

Jackie had lived up North as well.

Turns out they lived in the same town…weirder still

This woman started to describe the house she was living in

Jackie said “The house on a triangular block of land”

“Yes” Carol replied

“The house with a sun room/studio off to the side of the property?”

“Omg Yes!” Said Carol

They had both lived in the very same house.

Carol was ecstatic, she explained how the property had always felt so serene, and how she didn’t really want to get too absorbed by the garden, but she just had to do some tidying, and how she uncovered the sweat lodge, which turns out Jackie had built years earlier, Carol had been connecting with the energy of the previous tenant and imagining what the woman would look like, what her passions were, what secrets she held within her heart.

To witness this unfolding was truly magical, to see both of their faces light up with recognition, and seeing the tears of love and connection between two strangers, who happened to share the same house at one time, and the same passions, Art.

A true meeting of the hearts!!

I do wish I had taken a photo of them both, that would’ve been great to go with this sharing.