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She woke up early, body stretching, legs gliding across the sheets to the other side. It was cool and empty, he must have  slipped out unnoticed.

She lay there awhile collecting her thoughts, separating the dreams from the waking reality.

Her heart fluttered as she thought of the new studio. He had built it for her. It had taken 47 days. He was so proud of this gift he had created for her, his hands had moved over the wood lovingly, the same way they moved over her body. It was a gift she would treasure eternally.

She jumped out of bed doing a pirouette, giggling like a giddy school girl. She raced out to the studio stopping only once to let the chickens out and toss them some grain and wishing them a sunny good morning.

Then she arrived at the door and her energy shifted. Taking a deep breath she wanted to feel peaceful and quiet so she could etch this moment in her memory forever like a tattoo on her soul.