Another Award..I’m so grateful to Trembling Woman for nominating me for this fantastic award. Check out her work, heart felt and raw is how I describe this woman’s remarkable soul!!


And here’s the part where I answer some questions 🙂

  1. What makes you happiest? Growth and all of its implications.
  2. Which element do you love the most? Earth (I’m an Earth Day born Bull ;-))
  3. What was your favorite moment of 2012? Too many to mention, but meeting all kinds of wonderful new friends has been a blast!
  4. Your greatest spiritual discovery in 2012? Letting Go really did open spaces within me that were closed, and Letting Go is NEVER easy.
  5. Do you like your personality? Why yes, yes I do!
  6. Your next travel dream destination? Glastonbury
  7. A few simple things you love in life? My bed, my chickens, my view, my love, and my humor.
  8. What musical instrument have you tried to learn to play? Currently trying to learn piano.
  9. Anything you wished you had learned earlier? How to love myself
  10. Do you like shopping? Depends entirely on what I’m shopping for…and who’s paying 😉
  11. A wish for the coming year? That I publish a book, and my Tarot/Healing practice grows and grows.

And now for the BEST bit, I get to nominate 5 amazing blogs for this very cool award. So here we go!

  • Sydney Fong I love this blog AddGrainonEarth his words always speak to me.
  • Seth’s poetry is so beautiful and heartfelt always lulls me into peace and tranquility of nature SethSnap
  • John’s poetry is heart wrenching and I honor him for his sharing johncoyote
  • Misanthropic Muse….Yeah I love this blog, and one of the first blogs I followed here the misanthropic muse. I must find out what misanthropic actually means, I don’t know! *blinks* but it must be something GREAT!
  • And this blog is a deep soulful peek into the life of a bard! I love Lorna’s work The Bardic Blog of Lorna Smithers