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What light shines in the darkness and solitude?

What shadows does it reveal in this matter?

Introspection and meditation are the tools of self-counsel and knowledge. You go apart to seek the light of the soul and to contemplate the unfolding steps of your destiny. This apparent inaction is an intelligent withdrawal to act as a counterweight and source for fresh action, so that you – and your actions – are informed by your soul. -Caitlin Matthews Da Vinci Enigma Tarot.

I was thinking of the Storm that struck us last night and how the lightning rendered us powerless! No internet, no phone, no TV, no music, Just ourselves and a candle. Perhaps Mother Nature was pushing me to become inactive, but from inaction fresh action and a fresh view can be born. So today think about becoming less active so you can withdraw to hear the voice of your spirit.

Much Love to you All