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I want you to know when you smoke a joint or pop the pretty pills

your color fades

your voice becomes fainter

and I cannot reach you

something else has reached you

it has swirled into your body

like a hungry tape worm

gobbling up all your light

When you binge drink on a Saturday night

your soul shrinks and is diminished

while it drowns in vodka or whiskey

or whatever liquor is your choice.

I want you to know

how much I love you

and to let you know

I am here for you

but as you drink and smoke it becomes harder and harder to reach you

So until then I will love you and love you and love you

please try and wean yourself from this insidious entity

you have the strength

Turn your attention to what you love

what is working and growing in light

THAT is your true nature!

I Love You