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Bones were collected and placed ceremoniously into the sacred cup

to await again to be used by the sangoma

She would arise and allow herself to sink into trance





invitingthe spirits to connect with her divinity

She would gaze into your eyes with eyes that were clearly not her own

they were the eyes of the ancients

To be gazed upon by those eyes is an awakening

a remembrance

A deep memory stirs from deep within your soul

Time is still

and yet you journey backwards and forwards

into a reality you had always felt had existed

You remember it from childhood

Alone, but never alone with no fear

Fear does not exist here

You are reminded who you are

She sinks to the ground and scatters the bones

The pattern they lay upon the red dirt is your story

They tell who you once were

who you are now

and who you will become

And through the evolution of your life

One bone doesn’t move

It is your foundation bone

your spirit

Its essence never changes

only remains constant and earthed

like your spinal bones

The energy of all the other bones spirals

to form your life force

your DNA