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I lay naked and vulnerable

body upon the healing table of truth

crystals I could see lined along the wood underneath

through the tiny hole where I placed my face

The savage beast entered the room

I felt its presence draw closer to me

It touched me deep

It tore at my flesh

ripped it from my bones

left me screaming in terror to face my demons

I journeyed deep into the abyss of pain and darkness

each touch upon my flesh burned

and released a memory for me to face

cleansing tears flowed

and I wept and wept

The weeping created an integration within my soul

I saw a light and felt a delicious warmth

I swam in this deliciousness

and felt reborn

and whole



I wrote this poem describing (rather graphically) my 1st ever massage experience. My friend gave me the massage, she has the most beautiful tiny exquisite hands, and to look at them you would never believe they could stir up so much pain.

She shrieked with laughter when I shared the poem with her, I was going to frame it and gift it to her for her massage room..but she declined! Hahahhaha

I was amazed how I experienced a massage, and I completely love massage, I haven’t had one for at least 4 years now! *sigh* My friend moved away, and so did I and I just haven’t got round to finding a therapist who I feel comfortable with.

I must make that a goal!!