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what trouble are you expecting? How can you deal with it?

The soul must remain vigilant if there are expectations of trouble ahead. Mature risk assessment and proper caution help clear the path of destiny, so that you don’t become overwhelmed by an unrealistic sense of danger or a sense of inadequacy. Resourcefulness and conviction are the guards who repel your opponents. -Da Vinci Tarot Caitlin Matthews

If you are feeling difficulties in your life right now the daily spin of of the emotional wheel is too hectic, you easily lose sight of things, and so lose the wood for the trees. Be still, go to the center of the wheel where you can re-evaluate your motivations and come to your spirit, your heart, there you will know the next step on your path without blindly fumbling around in chaos and confusion.

If you need me today..I’ll be at the center of the wheel curled up with a warm blanket and some soothing music and a pot of herbal tea.

Much Love to you all