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I shared with you this morning that I was getting together with some wonderfuyl friends to take part in a group meditation to focus on the vision we want for the New Earth in this 5th dimension.

We gathered at The Loft, where my friend runs art classes and I do tarot readings and there is all kinds of wonderful delicious spiritual workshops to be held in the future.

Jackie, Annette and myself prepared the space, we laid a spiral pattern of rose petals and stones with candles in the center, with water and crystals and a feather to honor all the elements.

11 people arrived in total( nice..a master number..Master Builders) 😉

I opened the circle and lead the group in a meditation. We discussed the vision we see for the world.

Annette went on to lead us in a most beautiful meditation, we went to the moon..how fitting we are in the New Moon energy now (New moon tomorrow) Our very 1st New Moon in our New Earth

Jackie finished the evening with a closing ceremony focusing on gratitude!~

Wonderful night

Here is Annette preparing the space


Annette and I


Jackie, Annette and myself