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Grail Nine Speaks: What is your wish? I can grant it. Whatever you need, ask of me. I am the fullness of desire and none goes from me unsatisfied. -Caitlin Matthews

This card has the cauldron over a burning fire, reminding us that all of our needs are taken care of, we need to remember to trust and have faith that this is so. This card also reminds us to become clearer about what it is we DO want, focus your intentions. This is the wishing card, therefore be very clear..you might just get what you asked for 😉 Make sure its what you want 🙂

This is a wonderful card, as I am connecting with a group of incredible souls this evening to share in a group meditation and focus on a vision for the planet as we move forward, and to also help to get clear about our soul purpose and create a path to walk upon to reach our understanding of our purpose.

You would all be most welcome to join us this evening from wherever you are..light a candle, create a spiral of rose petals, crystals or stones and lift your energy to join with us.

Much Love