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goddess crop circle

Have you ever wondered about our spiritual ancestors

who they are?

I have often questioned who they are

They are invisible to the naked eye

What did they see?

Have we seen the same things?

I think yes, we have

I believe we are our ancestors

When I am quiet and still

I can hear the earth in places I have never been

I can feel the earth from a past life

so therefore I feel it is possible we are our ancestors

we are recycled versions of past experiences

I have felt the wounding

and seen blood that was spilt over hundreds of years ago

My heart aches to see this blood wash over the earth

like a red river of pain,

so many lives taken,

and for what?

Is my ghost haunting those ancient lands?

Does my soul roam the earth at night

lamenting the loss?

Falling to my knees

I pick up the ancient soil

breathing love upon it

and asking for forgiveness

from the atrocities that have been heaped upon it

We can all do this collectively

the healing will be felt deep,

deep in the heart of the earth

Our healing light of loving intention

is cast upon the earth, and it travels,

journeys deep into the very heart of the mother

I let her cradle me in her loving embrace

of lush green meadows and wild flowers

the rushing river and the mighty mountains

I shed healing tears

and my tears mingle and flow with the blood

that was shed lifetimes before

I weep until the blood runs clear

I feel the ancient soil breathe easier

I feel my heart beating easier

within my breast


I feel I have turned an ancient hatred into an unconditional love

I believe we can all do this

just hold the intent and carry it through

It will carry you through to many places

Where do you want to travel?

Follow your heart

it leads you where you are needed

A time for global and personal healing

time to take it out

and turn things around

The earth calls to us

listen to the call in the stillness of the night

Know that you do not need to physically visit these places,

unless you feel called to do so.

You can just as easily journey in your minds eye

straight through the sacred gateway of your heart

It will always lead you onward


And in that trusting

move like the ancient winds

upon the soil of the mother

be the whispering healing voice of

our ancestors