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Spear Hallow Speaks: I bring fire out of the deepest rock. I am the life that dances, the lance that sings. There is a fire within you also, the kindling of creative life. Wherever you are wounded, that is the place of greatest power. I am your healer and your empowerer.

-Caitlin Matthews

The Spear can be used for wounding and healing. It is a powerful tool to wield, we need to wield it mindfully, we are all living with the law of cause and effect..be mindful today. The spear can pierce the places that need healing, releasing the blood and the pus of old emotions that sit in the body..this must happen in order to heal..festering with old wounds just creates more wounds on top.

This card reminds me of my grief from yesterday the heat of my grief fuelled me, it was creative, it was healing, and reminds me that my wounds are a path to my greatest power, so don’t ignore my wounds, explore them..bring them out into the light where they can be transmuted with loving acceptance

Have a great day out there people