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There has been a feminine energy connecting with me over the last few weeks.

It has been with me in the past at certain significant moments in my life.

She was always there…whispering

But she whispers no more

She sings a beautiful mournful bitter sweet tune, like a whale song

She gifted me with the vision of a necklace, the very same necklace that Koro wore in the movie Whalerider. Very interesting that my personal card of the year is Whale..atunement I’m looking to get one made ASAP


This feminine energy comes to me and I see three forms

Mary Magdalene


White Buffalo Calf Woman




I know I will be working with them in my future

All of my adult life I have been connected to bowls.

I love bowls.

A bowl to me is deeply sacred and feminine mirroring our own sacred bowl, our womb.

The form of the bowl never fails to re-connect me back to the wonder of my womb, myself. The Holy Vessel where life is enveloped and nurtured to grow within the love of the feminine..the mother.

Birthing new light, new life, but very ancient love.

I always wanted to be a midwife but knew the politics would stifle my spirit. A Spiritual midwife would suit me best,,a doula perhaps.

I homebirthed my three beautiful children, what an experience, i awakened with birth, the experience was so beautiful and profound, I birthed my children, but equally birthed myself!

To empower a woman into birth and motherhood..what an honor. I am feeling this is my direction, I will await the unfolding and stay present to the voice of the feminine as she guides me.

I know something will be birthed.

Birth..Alchemy at its best!