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I am an evil temptress

I’ll grab your soul

and rip it from your heart

and devour it in one gulp

 I spin the web

I circle and dance

In your heart you try to forget me

but you can’t

I breathe life into your very cells

and your blood flows like ice

like the ice melting from the tallest peak

of the tallest mountain 

You’re begging to be released

but I look into your eyes

and let you drown in my touch

 Your depth of feeling simmers

like a pot

full of such nourishment

 I can sense a beauty

a purity

a clarity

 I feel myself soften

under your gaze

my heart is aching

its aching for you

but I’m so full of fear

this fear is like concrete across my heart

 You hold me steady with your gaze

I can feel myself sinking

like quicksand

into your soul

it feels so intense

 I’m tripping

tripping into your essence

and still you gaze into my eyes

my fearful tears flow

you let them

they fall down my cheeks

dripping onto my breasts
my body heaving

as the fear overtakes me

 You hold me

my body burns like a fire

but the fire is cleansing

I have found safety in your gaze

I have found acceptance in your gaze

 You consume me

this evil temptress

and give life

to the goddess