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Throw a dinner party

– Five guests and oneself. While relatives are permitted, it will be more interesting if guests are public figures – dead or alive, speaking any language – or even fictional characters.

I’d throw a bbq at my house..and guests would bring along their fav tasty treat to add to the table..and a bottle of wine.

None of this fancy stuff I want it to be very relaxed and informal.

Guest 1: Would have to be my sweetheart, I couldn’t have a dinner party without him, and he’s going to love who I’ve invited!

John my Soul Partner and our dog beast Samuel


Guest 2: Is Buck Brannaman, I watched his documentary, and I was simply blown away with the gentleness of this beautiful human being, and John and I adore horses (we have 3) so we’d have plenty to talk about.


Guest 3: Bruce, because I love this man and I want to hear him talk, I want to feel how he ticks at close range 🙂


Guest 4: Eddie van Halen, my partner LOVES this guy, I like some of his music, and  I think he’s a fascinating guy.


And last but by no means least: Sinead O’Conner I love Sinead, she has a beautiful soul and an incredible voice, and I know we’d be good friends!


And I’ll dress up and do my hair and stuff!!!


We would have such a great time, I’m excited, even dreaming of the possibility of this happening! What??? One can dream…right???

I’ll leave this as an open invitation for anyone who wants to indulge. Just copy the rules and show us what you come up with.