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She stood silent in the night

wearing a cloak of the purest opalesence

Her beauty was ethereal

the love that glowed from her was pure

strong, like the finest note.

The man looked at her

with eyes of misunderstanding

His soul could see her beauty

but he could not reach it

his heart was closed

She wept for his closed heart

but she knew she could not stay in this place of darkness

She was called into the light

There she could breathe

and be all she knew herself to be

The black horse appeared

she climbed on his back

and journeyed to the lake

She gazed upon the mirror glass lake

for lifetimes.

Content knowing this was her place

and her time would come

She reached down to touch the mother

her hand was lead to a stone

And like the stone unturned

she had waited upon the earth for her time 

Her time had come

With an inner knowing

she cast the stone into the very centre of the lake

It landed and its ripples moved outward

reaching everywhere, touching everything.

She is awakened the goddess

she is healed

she has walked away

she has walked towards

and so she is…

The Goddess