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This is a poem I wrote together with a friend of mine Lochinvar (That was his chat handle, don’t even know his real name), we used to chat in a crazy chat room and we both loved poetry.



flying free in the sky

If you’re going to sweep the sky and feel the wind come rushing by

Remember that I told you to be free.

Yes! I will remember, it is written on my heart

If you’re going to spread your wings and hear the song that freedom sings,

Remember that I told you to be free

It is set in stone

the pattern is carved there

Yes set in stone

We weaved a tapestry

each stitch symbolic

like a spiral ever turning inward upon itself then moving outward to face the world

A new day rises from the ashes of the old, like a phoenix

Yes, like a phoenix my love

I fly like a dove into the cold winter sky

The ship upon the wind tossed sea

the storm is brewing in this melting pot

Bitter cold like an icicle but complete and rich in its beauty

Let us drink mulled wine by a fire blazing in its full fledged glory

Lay upon the skin of a bear

the glow of after light seen through your hair

I want something real for my soul to grip

like hot chocolate and honey drip

A silver spoon to eat with my dear

the twinkle in your eye

the shadow of your smile

i see your hand before me

the dagger you hold there

to face the blade of mercury

I can’t hold back

the blood must flow

but the fear overruns me

the damn of emotions flow

Beneath the swell of thunder this heart begins to glow

and beat within my chest never giving me rest

I want to scream to the sun

and howl to the moon

to scream in your face its never too soon

To cower away as if I’d been burned

hush child

fall into yourself

travel to the great and mighty oz

we walk the yellow brick road

the mirror of intent, you are hell bent

sell the bricks?! No! You can’t!

its not real gold you see

a fake, a fraud

unauthentic dear

it is sad and pitiful

but do you really care?

but he said he was real

he is full of blackness

where was your heart when you looked upon the stone

hush child