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I closed my eyes

my heart started to race

surrounding me with confusion and anxiety

it was like a humming drumming beat of fear

I had been blindfolded

but now this was removed

the light was intense

my eyes squinting

till I became accustomed to the light

my surroundings

I was at the top of a large cliff

the view was breathtaking

the sheer drop down was terrifying

my heart was still racing

It was then I heard a voice

coming from my right

I slowly turned to see the owner of the voice

he was tall and large

towering over my fragile frame

but his eyes were gentle

and familiar

He looked like a chief

he wore a feather head dress

and had an arm band with an eagle feather

a pouch hanging from around his neck

I knew it would be filled with sacred treasures

his talisman

His body and face were painted

he was not young

the lines on his face were like they had been embossed into leather

years of sun and weather had poured onto his features

creating character and warmth, wisdom and experience

He spoke to me

in a loud authorative voice


I looked at him incredulously

JUMP” he said again a little louder this time

I knew I had no choice

I had to jump

my life raced by

then everything went so still so quiet

and it felt suddenly right to jump

like of course, jumping is the next logical step

I did

I plummeted fast like a bird diving for fish

then I was soaring higher and higher

I felt so free of this human existence

The lift took me higher and higher

I am an eagle

I never knew

(I received this vision in a healing session a few years back)