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Seven year old girls

matched as laotaong

bound together for eternity

small tiny feet broken and bound

to be made even smaller

and for what?

There are a thousand buckets of tears

for this golden lotus

the pain it brings and the isolation

But these two girls

create a secret code

between the folds of a white silk fan

Their hearts forever bound

throughout time and space

and complicated lives

Ancestral connections

hidden within the folds of the silk fan

the secret language brings healing

and re-connection

600full-snow-flower-and-the-secret-fan-screenshot600full-snow-flower-and-the-secret-fan-screenshot (1)600full-snow-flower-and-the-secret-fan-screenshot (3)600full-snow-flower-and-the-secret-fan-screenshot (2)

 A poem inspired by a movie I watched last night Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

I must get this book it was written by Lisa Lee

This link takes you to The History of Foot Binding