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What treasure does your dragon protect?

The cave is dark here

It needs a flame

There is no path

Only pain

Do we build one?

Or do we sit and wait

For a knight and a steed

To be rescued from fate?


Listen to your pain

Dig it up

Look at it

Disect it

Within pain lies your deepest treasure

Pain is love in disguise

Dance into the pain

When you reach the heart of it

You’ll know it was an illusion

And there will be love

Nourishing you to the very core

Love is so simple and quiet

No loudness

No crashing of drums

Wailing of voices

It is a chalice cup

The holy grail

Quench your thirst

This cup never runs empty

If you don’t drink from the chalice

Your life dehydrates

Turning to stone

Becoming bitter

Hard and chrystalized

Then you’ll need much more

Than a knight and a steed

You’ll need a chisel and a hammer

To chip away at your hard shell


It keeps you well oiled and juicy

Flowing like a river

Floating like a cloud

Endlessly eternal