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I feel it is our personal, our moral, and our global responsibility to heal and forgive.

If we have been wronged, seriously wronged, stripped of our freedom, our best life, our spirit..if we do not heal and forgive these atrocities no matter how big, no matter how small, it is my belief that it ferments in our gut, seeps into our blood stream, strips our internal organs of life giving juice, taints our very breath, all of our thoughts..all of our words, it effects every single thing we do, it effects every single thing we touch, and every single thing we say, and this pain goes so deep it effects the very energy of consciousness..look around you the symptoms in our society, our lives, our relationships are everywhere! We are all responsible!

This lack of healing is the incidious cancer rotting humanity.

Our true nature

Our true energy

is love.

Make that your purpose, make that your purpose in every single thing you do..touch..taste..see..make that your purpose..unconditionally, for yourself and all others!!!

This is me…when I found this a whole lot easier