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It is my belief…

A rhythm has been lost in our culture of humanity

A sense of ritual and purpose has been covered over

with technology



disregard for ourselves,

each other,

the earth, the flora and fauna.

Our rhythm and sense of ritual and sacredness has been buried,

It is like a body, and over time it’s flesh has rotted back into the earth,

leaving only bones.

I want to dig up the bones from our past, dig up the lost rituals, and find purpose

and story in the bones.

Dig up the truth and wisdom so my daily life can take on a deeper meaning again.

When I was a child there was never a sense of my families history, never any

wisdom shared with me about who I was and where I came from.

I grew up not knowing the wisdom past from my family, it was never spoken about.

This leaves me feeling empty like a shell with no seed.

I have craved woman wisdom

I needed it when I became a mother

When I birthed my first baby, it stirred something deep within me

And I’ve had to journey into the depths of that feeling blindfolded, we need rituals to support us

create a ritual for yourself today