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These islands with shark infested waters between us

There is no way through

The sharks are our thoughts, our energy, our attitudes we hold towards each other

The sharks were created for our protection perhaps, thinking that maybe they were a good boundary at the time.

But now…they are destroyers of any chance of redemption.

I don’t know how to swim through any more.

I did try once or twice

But I barely survived.

I scrambled back to the safety of my island, bleeding and torn

Ripped to shreds, flesh hanging from my bones heart barely beating inside my fragile chest

And only emotional darkness for a long long time, swimming in a sea of grief and confusion

Till the wounds heal ever so slowly, as time marches on,  but the scar tissue remains as a vivid reminder forever etched upon my soul.

I sit watching the far away islands with the sharks swimming round them wondering if it is possible to ever make it through.

I stop feeding my sharks in the hope they will die and become fish food