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time is shifting

energy is moving

adjustments are happening

recalibrating is taking place

the physical body feels heavy

every pain is felt more acutely

electrical storms are raging

things are not what they seem

everything looks the same

yet everything is changed


birds are still singing

grass is still growing

sheep are still bleating

sun still shining

and yet…

everything feels different

like i could push my hand into the air and see it move

as i look more with my inner eye and my spiritual heart

i see the energy move like a heat wave rising off the road on a hot day

i see the energy waves

and i wonder how we will change

how we will communicate, or if it will remain the same

these days i feel less words upon my lips and more upon the pen

all of my senses heightened,

my spirit more involved

my identity vanishing

leaving only a sensing energetic being

the observer has kicked in

and leisa is disappearing

this life i have lived up till now is fast becoming like a past life

i thought i was being rebirthed

but now i see i am dying

the old life is dying, fading within me

i am shedding the old

like a snake shedding its skin

thats what i’m doing


and no longer conscious of what i am shedding

only fully conscious of shedding