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Today is a New Moon.

I always think of a New Moon as a fresh start, a time for me to get clear with the thoughts that are floating in my head. An opportunity to evaluate my current direction in life, my goals, my passions, and am I fulfilling them?

I’m a list girl, so on the New Moon I like to make a list of what I want to put my energy into, and really focus my intentions, so that I can start to manifest them. Intention is powerful.

And so often we put our focus on the externals that are happening in our lives, I want a new car, I want to meet Mr.Right I want a better job, I want more money


I like to really shift the focus internally to what really matters, then the external stuff takes care of itself

I will move my body in ways that are joyous and supportive

I will feed my body with wholesome foods that nourish me in such a way as to boost my energy levels and allow me to feel vibrant and alive

I will be creative in a way that feeds my spirit and allows an ease in unfoldment as to my direction so I am in no doubt as to where I am to be.

I will speak only words of love, I will release the thoughts in my head that are no longer nourishing to myself or others and I will choose to hold loving thoughts and a sense that there is a divine perfection in all things (even if I can’t see that right now)

I will move around through my daily life whilst disturbing my spirit as little as possible, I will be gentle, reverent, and quiet inside.

Warm Blessings on this New Moon!