My poor mail lady could probably do with a well earned massage about now, perhaps I could pop a gift voucher in the mail box for her to pick up.

I live rural, so the mail is delivered each day between 11am and 1pm and I imagine the time could get later and later as we draw closer to Christmas.

God knows how long it takes to pack up the mail car, the dash board is laden with junk mail.

From one side to the other pamphlets are laid out like menacing delivery bombs, that onced graced this planet as trees. Heartbreaking isn’t it?

What kind of society have we become. Everything turns in a cycle. We demand more stuff, get stressed about not having *enough* stuff, then stress about the stuff other people have got, go into debt to keep up with the amount of stuff we need in order to feel *normal* Panic for our children because they might not fit in because the kid across the road has got way more stuff than they have, and everything we own if it doesn’t have an expensive label, then god forbid you bought the wrong bloody stuff, and your life is doomed, its over because you stupidly in your mad panic just to get *the stuff* bought the wrong stuff.

And how do you know whats the right stuff and whats the wrong stuff? You don’t! But you will find out after you’ve purchased it, never before of course.

So the junk mail floods into our mail boxes everyday like a violent tsunami of paper debris, and we reach for it beginning to sweat with anxiety as we sit down to pour over the next amount of stuff we need to purchase as we drink the coffee that we know is the Right Coffee because it was in Saturdays junk mail list of stuff.


Surely we haven’t all fallen for this. Look around you at all of your stuff, is it bringing you happiness, does it enhance your life to a large degree. Stop Buying Stuff. Stuff is like crack, we never need it but the rush of it feels so damn good at the time.

I suggest you go on a *Stuff Buying Diet* Seriously try it for one month, and in that month really think about your life, simplify it, clean it up, create a space you live in that is so pleasing to be in, so calming, so peaceful, that you can actually start to discern what brings you joy in your life. Declutter the stuff, make some space, you’ll save some money, you’ll save lots of time, and you might actually start doing something useful with your life that fills you in a way that stuff never can.

I’ve done this, so I know how it works, and now when I do want to buy something, I find myself not so anxious, slower and more deliberate in my choices, and my quality of purchase has gone up tenfold, so has the price, but I actually don’t mind that, because I know that saving to buy that purchase brings me just as much joy as finally having the purchase, saving for something beautiful, is more satisfying than buying something cheaper that will most likely crap out after a day or threes use. Quality over Quantity everytime, thats my motto.

And all this stuff thats taking over our society is getting bigger and bigger and its so weird cause the bigger it gets the more insidious it becomes, it has deskilled our nation, we used to have incredible skills in our country, and amazing apprentiships that our youth could get into, but that has faded over time, to be replaced with the shitty stuff we think we need.