I can’t believe how fast this year has rushed by.

So many ups and downs, and more extreme ups and downs than previous years.

I guess things really are speeding up, energy is more tangible, serendipity whips around my ankles every second, very important to stay anchored, alert, witnessing.

And more than ever, stay aware of my thoughts and feelings, as knowing with no doubt that I create from my thoughts and feelings, and remembering that I always have choice. This year has been about finding my feet, understanding more deeply who I am beyond this human shell. Allowing the sacred energy of my spirit more space to come home in me. Loving who I am, expressing that love for myself in ways that are nourishing and push me to grow, and seeing how when I do that, loved ones around me seem to be freer to flourish as well. Sadness and grief with that at times, as it can cause a split a growth in opposite areas.

One thing that is constant, is the love I feel for my honey, we sit on the porch, sipping coffee and chatting about our life together, the dogs running around barking and chasing the birds, or slumped down by our feet just soaking in the morning sun.

Yep..life is pretty bloody good! Yeah?