Words on the Moon Challenge!


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Blood Red Full Moon Oct 8th 2014

The full blood moon gains power
bubbles potential and possibility into my consciousness
My heart full gaining power mirrors and bubbles with potential and possibility
Hearts of those closest to me gaining power bubbling with potential and possibility
My womb receiving healing from the power in my heart bubbling with potential and possibility


Full Blood Red Moon 8th Oct


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Full Blood Red Moon ~
What an intense flow of energies with this moon..feels like a storm tossing everything about. reach out and hold someones hand, there can be a symbiotic flow of healing energy when we reach out and simply love!
Mercury is throwing its energetic spanner in the works also, so you may feel like you are in an emotional and physical boxing ring
Healing Crisis, seems to be the theme of the day…TRUST…and have FAITH that all of this pain is not for nothing…nothing is ever for nothing! Its always and ever for a great deal of something, don’t sink into the illusion its all for nothing..rise above the storm so you can better navigate your way through it, if you take a step back you will see a sliver a light, hold it and now…Dive back in my lovelies!
P.S. Remember my challenge to you all..I will be taking my photo and adding my poem to my new album titled “Words on the Moon”
Get your cameras out..and your poetry pens flying, your poem does not need to be about the moon…perhaps just a short few lines of your key emotions this Full Moon
So here’s a challenge for all my facebook buddies
Every Full Moon and every New Moon beginning on October 8th take one photo from the same spot at the same time for one full year and write a short poem for each photo, create an album specifically for this challenge. Lets call it
“Words on the Moon”
I will remind you twice a month that its photo and poem time.
Who’s in?

A Challenge!~

So here’s a challenge for all my WordPress buddies
Every Full Moon and every New Moon beginning on October 8th take one photo from the same spot at the same time for one full year and write a short poem for each photo, create an album specifically for this challenge. Lets call it
“Words on the Moon”
I will remind you twice a month that its photo and poem time.
Who’s in?



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Welcome to October~
Powerful energies this month lovely souls.
Feels the energies of dark and light are clashing particularly hard this month with a dash of rainbow fiery colours and patterns trying to birthed amongst the clash.
I would describe it as a bi-polar month, incredible power packed highs and deep dark earthy lows.
It really is about learning to manage the energies, most important to give both space and a voice to be fully expressed, both are vital in the rebirthing process.
You will be changed..how is up to you, you can’t go into a washing machine without getting bashed about a bit
But you will either come out feeling cleansed and fresh..or wrinkled and exhausted..you have a choice
Take care of yourself
Eat nourishing foods
Drink nourishing drinks
and most importantly accept yourself..fully, the ups and the downs, let them sing and dance together, thats where the deepest and most profound healing can enter

New Moon

Today’s New Moon…A Turning Point, a shift in consciousness a new awareness bubbles to the surface, enthusiasm and excitement are building. Let it build, try not to grasp it, just allow the energy to slowly build in your field, its like you have awoken from a wonderful dream..you are feeling the benefits, but you just can’t remember all the exquisite details yet, they’ll come…trust!~

Spring Equinox


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Spring Equinox You may have been feeling a struggle over the last few days, move inwards to clear your path,sit with the struggle and you will see that it is not something outside of you but something inside of you that will be easily shifted once you honestly acknowledge it.
Create an altar today, pick fresh flowers, sit your crystals amongst them, light candles, light incense, smudge, bless, love and be grateful, struggles are a vital part of life, we grow through our struggles, bless them, bless you

Full Moon


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Full Moon Energy~
Some of you may be feeling battle wary and absolutely exhausted, you may feel like no one has been taking you seriously. Or you may feel like you are being smothered!!
It is a time to enter into your silence, even typing those words brings a sense of relief, so imagine how good it will feel to do it for real.
Honour the stillness, let your mind quiet down, go to the centre of yourself, use whatever tools you need to get there..dance your way there, sing your way there, cry your way there, breathe your way there, write your way there, but make your way there immediately…and try and stay there whilst still going about your daily life, use a reminder, a cue that instantly puts you back there. A crystal, a feather, a talisman, a deep conscious breath.
All is well..All is well
Love You

New Moon

New Moon Energy

There is a quiet calm that has descended,after a very busy build up.
But gently there is a deep lull where you can be still and feel grateful for all you have achieved up to this point.
Its important to sit in this stillness, to re~anchor to give thanks and prepare for the next steps within your dreams.
In the past I would have set TOWARDS your dreams,but no longer are we moving TOWARDS them..we are mingling right deep amongst them every single day!

Our dreams are no longer some far off distant goal, they are right here..right now, so are you living a life that honours that truth? Are You?

And if not..why not? If you are waiting for your dreams to enter your life, forget it..you are in your dreams RIGHT NOW


SuPeR mOoN

Super Moon!

Things have been falling into place, but yet there is still some confusion in the air!
Check your energy, all outer confusion reflects whatever internal confusion you may be feeling.

This is a transition time, harness this Super Moons full energy to shine light on what needs to be released, and what needs clarity and understanding in order for you to move forward without the fog.

Take some quiet time today, light a candle, journey into your heart space, what is it whispering to you? Listen and honour all that you hear

If you do not take the time to understand what and why you are feeling what you are feeling, confusion and fogginess cloud your path, and you miss the small miracles of serendipity that are occurring consistently in your life.

Take a look around you, listen and see what magic is opening before you


New Moon


New Moon energy has swirled in. The energy is like a bottomless well, but you have to remember to reach in and drink..frequently.
The fresh water is like an elixer to the soul.
Rest and drink, hydrate your precious soul, with all kinds of water
Creative water
Resting water
Musical water
Laughing water
Grieving water
Healing water
Pace yourself and drink


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