Full Moon


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Full Moon Energy~
Some of you may be feeling battle wary and absolutely exhausted, you may feel like no one has been taking you seriously. Or you may feel like you are being smothered!!
It is a time to enter into your silence, even typing those words brings a sense of relief, so imagine how good it will feel to do it for real.
Honour the stillness, let your mind quiet down, go to the centre of yourself, use whatever tools you need to get there..dance your way there, sing your way there, cry your way there, breathe your way there, write your way there, but make your way there immediately…and try and stay there whilst still going about your daily life, use a reminder, a cue that instantly puts you back there. A crystal, a feather, a talisman, a deep conscious breath.
All is well..All is well
Love You

New Moon

New Moon Energy

There is a quiet calm that has descended,after a very busy build up.
But gently there is a deep lull where you can be still and feel grateful for all you have achieved up to this point.
Its important to sit in this stillness, to re~anchor to give thanks and prepare for the next steps within your dreams.
In the past I would have set TOWARDS your dreams,but no longer are we moving TOWARDS them..we are mingling right deep amongst them every single day!

Our dreams are no longer some far off distant goal, they are right here..right now, so are you living a life that honours that truth? Are You?

And if not..why not? If you are waiting for your dreams to enter your life, forget it..you are in your dreams RIGHT NOW


SuPeR mOoN

Super Moon!

Things have been falling into place, but yet there is still some confusion in the air!
Check your energy, all outer confusion reflects whatever internal confusion you may be feeling.

This is a transition time, harness this Super Moons full energy to shine light on what needs to be released, and what needs clarity and understanding in order for you to move forward without the fog.

Take some quiet time today, light a candle, journey into your heart space, what is it whispering to you? Listen and honour all that you hear

If you do not take the time to understand what and why you are feeling what you are feeling, confusion and fogginess cloud your path, and you miss the small miracles of serendipity that are occurring consistently in your life.

Take a look around you, listen and see what magic is opening before you


New Moon


New Moon energy has swirled in. The energy is like a bottomless well, but you have to remember to reach in and drink..frequently.
The fresh water is like an elixer to the soul.
Rest and drink, hydrate your precious soul, with all kinds of water
Creative water
Resting water
Musical water
Laughing water
Grieving water
Healing water
Pace yourself and drink

Full Moon


July Full Moon

What a ride!
So much tension building this month, its almost been intolerable
Mercury has been kicking some sweet asses about the place (mine being one of them)
We have been trying to do an important life changing deal since the 19th May :-0
And its been on again off again the entire time, and we STILL don’t have a definate answer yet.
I have had to let go, I did this about a week ago..kicking and screaming I’ll have you know, but let go I did.
And todays Full Moon highlights once again the deep powerful energy of ‘letting go’

The importance of manifestation, whilst holding the energy of detachment…what a conundrum..but it is possible it is.

I find myself free with no expectation of the outcome, I am sitting in peace, and filled with gratitude for all that we have.

So this Full Moon…practice the art of detachment..letting go..with gratitude

Welcome to July


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Welcome to July!
July is about the all important journey..the journey from head, deep into heart!
Most of humanity functions through the head, most of our daily jobs depend on our head energy, it gets the job done, but there is a danger of staying too long in the head.
Its energy can make you robotic, controlled and extremely rigid, and this can even cause you to feel pain in the body, it can make your spine stiff so no fluid is able to move through it, it can freeze it.
I know when I’ve been too much in my head, cause my body craves a hot bath, interestingly enough I never used to enjoy hot baths when I was younger..but perhaps I was more freer then..less rigid in my thoughts and my body.
Age really highlights your stiffness and aching joints
I don’t stretch my body nearly enough, perhaps part of the reason is that most times I’m trapped in my head.
Make an effort this month to drop into the softness that is your heart energy..just drop and relax, bathe in hot water, use crystals, essential oils, candles and colours.
There must be a balance..but to create balance you must first become aware of where your energy sits on a daily basis…pay attention to your energy, and create a balance from that standpoint.
Enjoy the energy of July..and enjoy the dance between head and heart!

June…Bye Bye


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~Farewell June~
What a month..up, down, spinning round, falling flat, emerging from caves, diving deep, singing truths, releasing griefs, welcoming vistas.
On and on, hasn’t it been a wild ride?
So much change this month, but such perfection in all of it.
Unexpected radical perfection. We are still in the last hours of June, and still you might feel that you don’t have the exact clarity you want..it’ll come, it’ll come!
Light candles, drum, cleanse your crystals, create sacred space, cleanse your aura, meditate, tone your farewell to June..and Give Thanks!!!

Welcome to June!~


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Welcome to June~
We are being supported in the weeks ahead, by an unseen source energy outpouring with unconditional love for us all.
Its always been there supporting us, throughout our lives from the moment we took our first breathe, till the moment we take our last, then instantly we leave the physical body and return to blend with source energy again.
This month is a reminder that this source energy that supports us so lovingly is the same energy that moves through our cells, our entire body everyday. We are not separate from this Source energy..we ARE this source energy.
Our tricky illusion is that when we are in this physical body we can feel very separate from this source.
Create a harmony within your physical body and merge more fully in a very acute self aware way with all that is.

New Moon!~


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Light the sacred fire, there is beauty being birthed, can you feel it?
There has been uncertainty building up to this New Moon, but today all the pieces have come together, do you see the puzzle taking form now?
Can you feel the beauty and the divine grace breathing into every corner of your life?
Hold the faith beautiful souls, good things are happening..yes they are!!!


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