New Moon 23rd November


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New Moon (Don’t forget a photo and poem to follow later)
Completion is still not quite here, transitions are underway. There is still some chaos, there is a yearning to end the confusion. Lead yourself out of confusion, breathe deep into the peaceful clarity that resides within your heart.
Remember the world reflects your state of mind back to you, the outer change begins with you. Everything you need to lead you out of chaos and confusion resides within you.
Honour your unique skills, pour your soul into everything,make that your mission now.
This honoring will bring about a deep feeling of kinship, seek the beauty and fullness that can be found in all people and things, we are all deeply connected.
Focus on what truly matters



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I have been unwell over the last week or so…

I felt the need to visit Brigid. I knew she could help me.
And sure enough when I walked to the cabin Brigid was waiting outside for me, she was sitting on the seat carving into a small piece of wood.
“Ahh here you are child, come inside.”
She lovingly reached out to me with her beautiful weathered aged hands and led me inside.
She lay me down on the bed and went to the fire where a cauldron was hanging. She ladled some of its contents into a wooden bowl and had me sit up to drink it.
It was not at all pleasant to taste but she urged me to drain the bowl of every last drop which I did.
She said “Sleep now, you must rest, let the fever do its work.”
I lay down feeling the liquid travelling through my body heating me up like a fiery furnace. I felt like I was in hell, I traveled down an old familiar corridor and then fell into a very deep sleep.

I don’t know how many days I slept, I think perhaps 2 or 3, but when I finally woke up Brigid was there with a cool welcome wash cloth and a soupy vegetable broth which tasted magic.
“How are you feeling child?”
I wasn’t sure, I needed to stretch my body. Brigid helped me to stand and led me outside into a glorious sunny day.
The light was intense and took me a few moments to adjust. I could feel Willow in the distance, and she wandered over to welcome me back.
Brigid said we still had work to do to clear my energy of any *residual gunk* she called it. We sat down on the bench in the sun and she asked me to recall any dreams I had when I was in my feverish state.
I tried to remember but my mind was blank, “There will be something child, close your eyes.”
I closed my eyes and I did recall a few things, but no story line just symbols left behind like a trail of breadcrumbs.
I saw the elements of earth and water, I heard a frog, and there was a mountain lion.
I opened my eyes, Brigid had her eyes closed and she was smiling.
“Tomorrow you journey, but for now go be with Willow she wants to take you for a ride.


Full Moon 7th November 2014


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~Full Moon~
There has been a feeling of sluggish stagnant energy hanging around the last week.
It is building and building, I’m feeling it in the form of a nasty flu, the fever sends you tripping into some other dimension to do some important work.
So often when the fever hits..whether it be a physical fever or an emotional one, our first response is to bury it..either with medication, food, alcohol, whatever your addiction of suppression is.
But the only way through, we can’t avoid it, what we resist..persists
So whatever form your energy is greeting you with, embrace it, listen to your body, listen to your feelings, look after you..for if you don’t you’ll fall apart eventually, and the world needs you whole!

(Don’t forget *Words on the Moon* Challenge, of photo and poem to describe your full moon feelings today, mine will follow later this space)

My Poem :-)

Fiery fever blazing a trail
Burning a healing pathway throughout my body
Deep patterns being melted in the heat
Breaking down
Transmuting into golden lava
Molten glow of a magic river
Running through my veins




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November ~ A time to move inwards to the heart, the soul.
It is a delightful journey,the best trip, the best travel inwards to hear your souls rhythm.
It becomes a sacred dance.
You are a sacred dance, swaying and rocking with energy singing.
Hold your sacred power,let it burn a fierce path in your life, a courageous path.
Shift your voice to match it!
Slow down your breathing to match it!
Bring all that you are to match it!
Now live..slowly and very deliberately live
Blessings to you for November,may you live more fully,may you love more fully
May you be all that you are born to be,may you meet all that you are and be astounded, as I am at your magnificence

New Moon 24th October 2014



New Moon ~ Let us speak of peace
Let our energy carry waves of peace..frequencies of grace and molecules of harmony
The Solar Eclipse brings about peaceful breakthroughs after a stressful frenetic chaotic couple of weeks. Allow the positive energy to overwhelm you, dance the ecstatic dance of peace.
Early mornings, create sacred space to focus your energies on peace

Words on the Moon Challenge!


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Blood Red Full Moon Oct 8th 2014

The full blood moon gains power
bubbles potential and possibility into my consciousness
My heart full gaining power mirrors and bubbles with potential and possibility
Hearts of those closest to me gaining power bubbling with potential and possibility
My womb receiving healing from the power in my heart bubbling with potential and possibility


Full Blood Red Moon 8th Oct


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Full Blood Red Moon ~
What an intense flow of energies with this moon..feels like a storm tossing everything about. reach out and hold someones hand, there can be a symbiotic flow of healing energy when we reach out and simply love!
Mercury is throwing its energetic spanner in the works also, so you may feel like you are in an emotional and physical boxing ring
Healing Crisis, seems to be the theme of the day…TRUST…and have FAITH that all of this pain is not for nothing…nothing is ever for nothing! Its always and ever for a great deal of something, don’t sink into the illusion its all for nothing..rise above the storm so you can better navigate your way through it, if you take a step back you will see a sliver a light, hold it and now…Dive back in my lovelies!
P.S. Remember my challenge to you all..I will be taking my photo and adding my poem to my new album titled “Words on the Moon”
Get your cameras out..and your poetry pens flying, your poem does not need to be about the moon…perhaps just a short few lines of your key emotions this Full Moon
So here’s a challenge for all my facebook buddies
Every Full Moon and every New Moon beginning on October 8th take one photo from the same spot at the same time for one full year and write a short poem for each photo, create an album specifically for this challenge. Lets call it
“Words on the Moon”
I will remind you twice a month that its photo and poem time.
Who’s in?

A Challenge!~

So here’s a challenge for all my WordPress buddies
Every Full Moon and every New Moon beginning on October 8th take one photo from the same spot at the same time for one full year and write a short poem for each photo, create an album specifically for this challenge. Lets call it
“Words on the Moon”
I will remind you twice a month that its photo and poem time.
Who’s in?


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